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“I consider myself to be very creative and energetic photographer, producing strong images to help my clients fulfil their vision with an artistic touch. As an experienced Art Director for advertising agencies, I manage all facets of the shoot”.


Since I took the decision to become a professional photographer I have begun to shoot for my own clients.
These include fashion brands such as bags, clothes, cosmetics, funiture, shoes, portraits and fashion
editorials for magazines. The experience I gained as an Art Director combined with my love for photography has allowed me to create my own style as well as work within the structure of a brief.

Shooting models for fashion editorials has enhanced my directing skills regarding their look, movement, and
expressions, interpretation as well as good interactive skills with the makeup artist, stylist, model, client and the advertising agency.

When I create a shoot I like to have very clear understanding in my mind the style of the photos, lighting, the model´s look and the colour schemes. A story board or a mood board helps to visualise the concept before the shoot. To all of this I bring my personal creative touch building on my skills and experience that I have acquired over many years.


I worked as an Art Director for many years in advertising agencies.
As an Art Director I supervised many photo sessions for different companies  between Peru and Barcelona. I am able to manage different photographic styles. Each client’s needs are different in terms of lighting, colours, and the model´s look. I am versatile photographer and feel comfortable shooting for advertising, commercial, portrait, beauty, fashion, products, editorial and still life. I can control all these styles. I am able pre-empt the client´s needs.

“My objective is to shoot memorable images”.


Instagram: jose_tio

Youtube: José Tió

⭐My Business Cards Printed on Silkscreen⭐

Because was the only way I could get the silver ink I wanted


⭐Another passion I have is my boat ⭐

I am Piscis, I love the sea and the river Thames.