A shoot with a story to tell. Many people have asked me, why is everybody happy in the picture?I  had a commission to photograph Princess Anne together with the group of people worked for her mother, The Mother Queen.

I was ready with my flash outside the room and then the batleer energetically announced me, the photographer. I was very relaxed and directing everyone to their positions and making sure that everyone would be visible in the photo.

I had been told that I had 5 minutes alloted for the shoot. The butler told me that every strike of his wooden gavel on the table would be a click of my camera.

One strike, one click. Second strike, second click.

I was getting nervous because I was not directing the shoot. I said to him, “Let’s stop this as I prefer to direct myself”. Everybody in the room was laughed including the princess.

And I just clicked away, the moment I was waiting for suddenly came! Everybody happy.

5 minutes in time… forever


⭐Comission: Pictures of the amazing SAGRADA FAMILIA in Barcelona. I found this pictures on my archives, they were taken 12 years ago. The company incharge of the illumination contacted me for this project. I was since 10 am until late, waiting for the best moments of the light through the windows.⭐


⭐ Editorial⭐


⭐ Editorial Marilyn Monroe ⭐

She was pretty and in defence. She was expecting the love of the ones who were taking advantage of her.
While I was taking this pictures, at the same time I was explaining the model the story about Marilyn, of course she is 23 years old, she didn’t know who Marilyn was, the model felt sad and begun to generate some drops in her eyes, this was a magical moment, I begun to shoot the sadness Marilyn I was looking for.


Here some photographs of the exhibition at the Greenwich Yatch Club.
I was waiting for the sailors when they were coming back from the river Thames.
I had the studio and lights ready to shoot.
From the water directly to the studio with all the elements they were carrying.


⭐ Families 

Portraits / Commission

I received a comission to shoot a family in an artistic way.
What could be more artistic than the Renaissance?
I begun to work on it, studying the classic painting of Bermer – and the way he used light – and Caravaggio; the colours and composition.
The client agreed with the idea, so, I began the process.
I bought the fabrics myself, selecting the gamma?? of colours with a good texture to give the photographs a fine effect.
I went to the flower shop to select the correct ones. Flowers are always in the paintings.
Another important element was the clothes, I suggested to the family to wear dresses with bright colours for the mother, nude tones for the kids and neutral tones for the father.
All the Art Direction is done. The photo shoot day is here. We all arrived on time at the studio, makeup artist, hair dresser, the family, the dresses, the flowers.
Next step was to turn on the flashes and direct the family how to act. Here is the result, I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Follow the link to see more examples of family photo sessions




Portraits / Commission



 Ed Skrein (Actor)
Deadpool 2016 and Game of Thrones


Ed Skrein ⭐STAR⭐


⭐Vincent Van Gogh⭐

When I was a student my father gave me a book – Vincent Van Gogh; His Life and Paintings. The book grabbed my attention, mainly the cover, with a self-portrait of him on a blue background. It was as though the cover was looking at me and I was looking at it. I kept the book with me for years and studied it in detail.
I was around 10 years-old, many years before I decided to become a photographer.
This is my actual conclusion as a photographer:

This portrait was painted in a small room with all the walls painted in blue and a closed window. I can tell from the kind of light that can be seen coming from the right side of the face. He was absolutely fascinated by the light coming through the window behind his head, this light was reflecting on the opposite blue wall that was reflecting the blue tones on his face. I was asking myself, why does he have green tones on his face? Of course, green is the combination of blue (the wall reflection) and his yellow tone of skin.

I am very sure he had a mirror to see all this light effect on his face and ginger hair.

The light in this painting belongs to a tiny room with a mirror and a window. I could say it was the toilet room. Only in a small room we can have that effect, blue walls reflecting its colour everywhere.

As the lonely person he was, the mirror was a good thing for him to look at many times of the day, I can tell that’s why he painted many portraits. Thanks to his blond/ginger hair, combined with the blue walls, he discovered that the blue and the yellow are a great combination and a good contrast. We can see these tones repeated in many of his paintings.

Following the same ‘Path of Light’ used on this painting, I recreated the same situation at my photo studio.

The model: I was in South London, in Croydon, visiting a friend, when back home on the train I found Marcus, I went up to him and told him that he looks exactly the same as Van Gogh. He smiled and he told me that many strangers had said the same.
I gave him my card and after several attempts to meet to take a portrait, because of the distance, COVID restrictions etc, finally, after almost 3 years, we decided to do it.

Before his beard turns white and the years pass, this is the time. I asked him to grow his beard long and we waited another month. By WhatsApp he sent me photos of his beard  so I could see the progress.

While we were waiting for the right length of the beard, I painted a background, and was on the lookout for suitable accessories like a hat, shirt and blazer similar to the painting.
All this elements came together, same place, same hour.
And here is the result.
 ⭐ Portraits, Perfume Style ⭐



She entered this world alone and soon she became alone once more. She did not need an ‘Adam’ to exist or to fight for her. Nor was she in need of the divine clay to come to this world. She was expelled from paradise. Simply for being a woman; found guilty for biting the forbidden fruit..singled out for being desired… Now, she has created her own paradise on earth, visible in the fashion world. Like Venus, she, amongst fabrics rose and was created. Simply a white dress and a hat were enough elements to empower her into being the strong, independent woman that she always could be; taking back power and owning control.

The makeup artist brought this idea to the studio, pearls and reflections on the face. We decided to use a trouser as a jacket on the shoulder to create the reflections. Finally we had the creative make up, the reflections, but i was missing something…. i was missing the fresh picture. Suddenly I told a joke and Trinny began to laugh; my moment to ‘CLICK! and there it was, the set was completed: her smile and the brackets, metal and reflections everywhere!

a big pen attacking you, huge like a monster. Like an alien, spreading its blue ink over you. You feel scared. You resist the attack with your own ideas but the pen simply keeps returning. Scribbling over all that you have written, erasing it from memory.
Oh, the exhaustion that ensues from the hours of fighting! Blue drops of inky sweat are cascading down you relentlessly. Skip to Two o’clock in the morning and the fight has left papers scattered in disarray all over the table. This metaphor is the best way I can describe the feeling when you begin a new project. You have a monster to fight with a pen in hand, many papers on the table and so many battles in between.
There are so many ideas in my head! On this occasion: A blue dress comes to my thoughts from a store, a window or a girl walking on the street. Of course, the monster means I don’t quite remember the idea; it’s swirling around my head, forcing insatiable questions upon me: Where to shoot? On the sea, on the river, against the deep blue of the sky? I begin to search for the blue dress, the stores, the internet, the magazines. The monster is now an obsession. I want that blue dress. It is all consuming. It simply won’t allow me to envisage other new opportunities or ideas. I am tired and losing the fight. I relaxed and let the emotions wash over me. Sometimes when you are pushing something with all your energy you can´t continue to push. Stopping becomes the only option. You need to take your time, recuperate your force and search for new strategies.
Late that night, exhausted after some minutes resting, suddenly my mind began to work in a different way. I begin asking myself: what if I let the monster win? What if I surrender to the monster? What if I play with the monster? Here is the result of that fight.
I converted the monster into a beautiful mask!


As a photographer, I need to observe. Gazing at a subject from the other side of the camera stimulates my senses; the form, the intensity, the play and nuances of light and shadow and the subsequent control I gain over them. This allows me to fully capture the beauty, eliciting the provocative and desirable. I am compelled to create the perfect photograph and cannot relinquish until I am certain that the essence of beauty shines through in my art.
Once printed, the art work should immediately grab the attention of the reader. Giving them insight and ability to be fully immersed in the work, enabling the reader to experience those senses. Which, in turn, will provoke a sense of wanting to buy into the beauty and luxury that the photography encapsulates. Thus, with a photograph, the power of persuasion will flood the senses, rendering buying as the firm, and only available, option.
Of course, this can occur with objects, but now consider that the subject is a person. The reader can fall in love with his or her eyes, smile, hair or the transcendental personality that innately shines through. It is in these situations that my interest lies. I wish to create something that can never be touched by the hands of time, to encapsulate something that is consequently indestructible, mine forever, and will live on through my work for others. There is certainly a beauty in capturing a moment in time which can never be eradicated. This is the world and essence that the camera allows me to access.
I hail from Peru originally; a place where people do not like to be photographed. This is owing to the fact that they hold a belief that the photographer is able to steal their souls in the act. However, the magic and intent of the camera is not to steal their souls. In fact, it is to capture their essence and soul, not to deter from or steal anything. Thus, immortalizing a moment of time where their inner beauty and soul is encapsulated as an image; not to harm, but rather to enhance. This is fundamentally what I collect and capture through my art.
“Let’s Go Crazy” by Prince and the Revolution, “Crazy in Love“ by Beyonce and JayZ, “Crazy“ by Aerosmith, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen, “She drives me Crazy” by Fine Young Cannibals
“Crazy for You” by Madonna….
We become crazy for many reasons.
For me I would say that photography, fashion, portraits, art and music drive me crazy, through an incessant craving for perfection in capturing beauty.
This is the thematic notion encapsulated within this first publication. It is a continuation of the concept of what makes us crazy. Could this be a look? A particular style? Or perhaps a personality? Which ever combination of these occurs, the result is something that becomes emotive and creates a need, a love or even a desire.
In these photos I have immortalized the model´s soul.








A city full of textures, reflections, shadows, lights, people, streets, cars, buildings, rain and suddenly the sun ☀️. All this elements, converts this city in a very interesting landscape (build by the men) to appreciate through the camera.









“A place on the sun”

Tv Presenter

Comission Portraits




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